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Saul Raskin Etching Antiques Judaica Hasidic Jewish Art Jerusalem Israeli


Saul Raskin was one of the premier Russian Jewish Amerian artists in the middle part of the 20th century. He chronicled the growth of Palestine into the modern state of Israel over a 50 year period. This image is one of Raskin’s most famous iconic images of Jewish study back in the small villages and […]

Saul Raskin Pencil Drawing Jerusalem Antiques Judaica Israel Jewish Hasidic


This marvelous drawing by Saul Raskin shows 2 Hasidic men. One is wearing a small tallis. The hats indicate that these very Orthodox men were either Yemenite or Morrocan. This drawing came from one of Saul Raskin’s travelling sketch pads. Saul Raskin frequented Israel on many occasions. This drawing, in part, was used for his […]

Saul Raskin Druze Jewish Palestine Israeli Jerusalem Antiques Judaica Painting


Many drawings done by Saul Raskin were given to his good friend, our grandfather, throughout the years. Here is an example from one of Saul Raskin’s sketchbook drawings, signed by him in ink, called Druze Guards. Many Israeli/Palestine kibbutzim and Moshavim hired Druze guards for protection. The Druze culture and religion (Christianity) aligned themselves from […]