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Silver Jewish Hanukkah Menorah+Shabbat Candle Holder Antique Yemen Judaica Art


Sterling Silver Hanukkah Menorah PLUS Shabbat Candle holder. Ancient Jewish Yemenite Filigree Design. Flip it over to use for lighting the Shabbat candles (see picture). This beautiful Solid silver Hanukkah Menora and Shabbat Lamp / Candle Holder is crafted in a small workshop in Israel. Delicate lacework of silver wires in floral and scrolled shapes […]

925 Silver Yad Torah Jewish Book Pointer Filigree Bible Hand, Israel Judaica Art


Filigree Design 925 Sterling Silver Yad Torah – Bible Pointer. Brand New, hand made in Israel. This stunning Torah pointer is hand made in a small workshop in Israel, crafted from 925 sterling silver (not plated). Featuring a Torah crown. Above and a handy chain-piece for easy grip. Designed in an old ethnic. With delicate […]

Silver & Gold Jewish Shabbat Kiddush Wine Cup Goblet Yemen Filigree Art Judaica


Sterling Silver Shabat Kiddush Cup – Jewish Yemenite Filigree Style, Ornate Design. Brand New, Made in. Magnificent sterling silver shabbat Kiddush cup , made in. Designed in old Jewish yemenite filigree style. Rich with intricate ornaments of interlaced silver wires that forms hearts filled with spiraled scroll shapes. A true delight for the eyes, Lovely […]

Silver Filigree Hanukkah Menorah Candle Holder, Jewish Lamp Israel Judaica Art


Sterling Silver Hanukkah Menorah. In Yemenite Filigree design. Brand New and hand made In Israel. This stunning 925 Sterling Silver Hanukkah Lamp is crafted in a small workshop in Israel and designed in the. Delicate lacework design in floral shapes, small cone figures make the body of the Menorah and a round stylized base. With […]